Delhi needs affordable and accessible sanitization

Imagine a maze. An infinitely large and rather complex maze. A maze so peacefully chaotic as if comfortably at rest. Now, suddenly various ends were set at fire.A fire that spread as effortlessly as it began. A fire that left behind a mayhem the maze hadn't witnessed before. As fire from different paths met, the flames intensified, the destruction enlarged.

Isn't this a scary visual? One not very pleasing to imagine? But if you really think about it, it is the reality of the world today. The maze is our world and the fire is the novel corona virus, no one knows why or where it started, where it will end or what its final outcome is. All we know is that its spreading and at such a pace that we can't keep track of it.

The only way to limit this fire and bring it under control is to stop intersection at the junctions, to stop it from intensifying, the only method is to cut the chains. Just like this fire, the only way to fight the corona virus is to cut the chains of transmission. We, at Delhi Guardians believe that if we are able to limit transmission a large portion of the battle against corona is won.

All we are looking at as of now is to keep ourselves and our communities safe. Since there is no vaccine or foolproof cure known to us as yet, all we have to keep ourselves safe apart from social distancing is repeated and frequent sanitization and disinfection of our hands, frequently touched surfaces and surroundings.

Sanitization refers to removing visible contamination and debris and dramatically lowering the number of germs on surfaces and disinfection is the destruction of viruses, bacteria and fungi on surfaces.

The current stats of Delhi state that about 80% of those infected with corona are quarantined or isolated at home. In such a scenario, it is more than essential to sanitise and disinfect these households after the patient is cured so as to prevent infection of housemates and others in close vicinity.

The need for this service has encouraged many service providers to step into this market. However, affordability and accessibility continue to remain issues of grave concern. This is where Delhi Guardians comes to the table. Our motive is to make the service of sanitization and disinfection as affordable, accessible and readily available to those who need it.

Yet we as a team are proud to state that the need to make this service affordable has not pushed us to compromise on quality or efficiency. We use the most effective chemicals to make your houses, workplaces and cars a safe zone. We use formulas comprising of QAC blends (Quaternary Ammonium compounds), those registered under the brand names of Diversy's Virex 256 and Indian make Radix Envoguard. These solutions are used and approved by hospitals hence reiterating their reliability. Our staff uses all necessary safety equipment including PPE kits to keep you and your families safe from this evil fire in the world's maze.

This is what sets us apart from others in the market, making us the most affordable, accessible and reliable sanitization and disinfection service available in Delhi NCR. We urge each one of you to be a Guardian of Delhi and join us in our mission to sanitize this virus away and out of this world.

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