Partying in the Pandemic!

Many complain about how the lockdown has been eased even when the virus and its effect has not subsided. People are now allowed to meet, host gatherings and parties but is it the right thing to do? This is where self consciousness comes to the table. It is only our discipline and will to carry out all precautionary protocols that can protect us from this deadly virus.

First and foremost, we must practise social distancing and avoid gatherings as far as possible. The world can stop but weddings won't. Every bride/groom in India dreams of a “Big Fat Indian Wedding”that spanning over days with all the Band, Baaja, Baraat. People have already started organising weddings, the number of guests have reduced and the fear of infection still prevails. Thus organisation of these occasions brings additional headache more than joy to the host. It is the duty of the host to ensure the safety of all the guests and make sure that the event goes smoothly and is as risk free as it is enjoyable.

The most important and effective measure that can be taken is the thorough sanitisation and disinfection of the venue. It will ensure clean and safe surroundings for the guests coming in.If the celebration is being hosted in someone’s home, then it is essential to get the home sanitised post event also to ensure disinfection incase any contaminants came in with the guests.After the gathering of large number of people ordinary cleaning alone of the home does not suffice.

While you rejoice the day with your loved ones and close family members, we wish to make sure you don’t welcome the unwanted guests (the virus :P) We suggest some basic guidelines to follow in order to ensure a safe celebration.

Make sure all the guests wear masks: You can also arrange for some cloth masks, designer masks or simple surgical masks as a welcome gift. This will also remind your guests about your celebration for the days to come.

Avoid the hugs: Although this might sound as a party pooper. We recommend going for the flying kisses instead of the hugs and the ‘Pairi Pauna’

Aarogya Setu installed: You can ask your guests and attendees to have the app installed in advance in order to make sure that adequate steps are taken

Hand sanitisation: We recommend giving out small bottles of hand sanitisers for your guests

Shoes and slippers: Ensure that the attendees don’t bring any unwanted microbes along with their designer heels and jootis. You can also arrange for a disinfectant spray for the shoes at the entry of the venue

Social distancing: You can arrange for the seating arrangement to ensure a 6-10ft distance between the guests

Last but not the least, we recommend getting a home disinfection service done post the event. This will ensure you step into a new life with a fresh and virus-free home. We hope you have a great event and a memorable start to a new life.

The risk is not reducing, only the fear of the people is.We cannot let the virus overtake us.We need to take all necessary precautions at all times be it before or after a gathering.It will be a pleasure for the team Delhi Guardians to assist you in making your events risk free.

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