The Lakshman Rekha that will let you step out

The third fold of unlock ended on 31st August. It has been six long months of sitting at home and we would be lying, if we said we haven’t thought about this being the new normal. Everything was at a stand still for a while but now people have gone back to their “normal” routine of going to the office, gym, salon (kyunki jaan jaye par baal na jaye) and now the so-called drives more often than not end up with ‘ek plate chole bhature kha hi lete hain’.

Entering a shop is a fight between your heart and your brain. The heart wants what it wants but the brain is apprehensive about touching the door handle, sitting on the chairs or sofas and coming in contact with the various other high touch surface points (you can genuinely hear them singing ‘Don’t touch me, don’t touch me soniya’). This case is similar to that of gym because as much as you want to have a nice workout, you are more worried about how many people must have touched the equipment? Sanitisation and disinfection of such places is non-negotiable but at the same time doing it on a weekly basis or after every session is not only highly stressful but also uneconomical.

Every time you pass by a store, you stop and wonder when you can shop fearlessly, walk into the store without thinking is it important enough to step into this risky domain? We at, Delhi’s Guardians have been inclined to push this fear away and therefore, have come up with a “Multi-Surface Self Sanitizing Nano-Coating” which is a thin film coating that keeps surface free from microbes like virus, bacteria and other pathogens for 90 days (up to 3 months). So basically, imagine someone standing near the door of your office and cleaning the knob every 5 minutes, that’s what the nano-coating does except it does it better than you. It kills over 90% of bacteria and viruses in the first 5 minutes after contact and ends up killing 99.9% by the end of the hour because of its silver particles.

If you want to be even more cautious you can always avail our premium and very affordable disinfection service regularly along with getting your space nano-coated. The combination of both of these will draw the “Lakshman Rekha” for your virus and guarantee safety for your clientele like every Ayushmann Khurana movie guarantees a best time to the audience.

Nano-coating is the perfect solution for every office, restaurant, salon, gym, shop and even ATM’s because it is economical, affordable and the best part is that ‘you don’t have to worry about sanitisation for 3 months’ as it is self-sanitising pretty much like a cat that licks itself clean. It recommended for a variety of surfaces including wood, metal, plastic, glass, fabric, leather, concrete, tiles etc. Moreover, pasting a sticker on the surface saying that its nano-coated gives the customers the much-needed relief similar to that of how our parents feel comfortable after hanging ‘nimbu-mirchi’ outside our houses.

It will be the pleasure of the team of Delhi’s Guardians to be your Suraksha Kavach. We will save you from the buri nazar of the virus by assisting you in making your space safe and hygienic through our best in class sanitisation and disinfection services at affordable rates.

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