Unlock 3.0: Fight is still on, just the venue has changed

As the country unlocks, alongside it has unlocked various challenges and miseries we haven't witnessed before. Although the number of infected cases in the city are on a rise, the restrictions are being relaxed. This is the time for us to be self conscious about our actions. While offices, gyms, market places, malls are opening up, the fight against the virus has moved from homes and hospitals to offices and public spaces. The only way to protect ourselves from this deadly virus is to consciously analyse before we step out each time.

Some outings like gyms, markets or parks may be avoidable but as offices have opened up, we are left with little to no choice but to step out of our safe zones and venture into the risky territories. Cautious balancing of safety norms, while targeting business efficiency is the main challenge companies and institutions are facing today.

As the modern day offices are designed for people to participate and collaborate, practicing social distancing poses to be difficult. Hence, it is integral to make our offices secure in order to protect ourselves from the virus.

Apart from whatever best can be done to maintain social distancing, effective office sanitisation services in Noida, Gurugram and Delhi is truly essential. Surfaces like door handles, elevator buttons, switch boards etc. are frequently touched surfaces and it is imperative to ensure they don't make the professionals vulnerable to the virus. The best way to ensure safety is to get the entire office space sanitized and disinfected at regular intervals. These intervals are determined by how big the office space is or how many people visit it.

This is where services like Delhi's Guardians come into play. We have WHO certifications, 100+ clients and a team of chemical engineers to provide the necessary expertise. We are striving to be the best office and home sanitization service in Delhi-NCR.

To ensure your safety, let's talk about some of the places surfaces in our daily routine where our safety could be compromised and disinfection becomes essential.

  • Elevators: Another risk bearer in the office space. So many people step in and step out of the elevator and so many times throughout the day. Wouldn't it be great if the elevator could sanitise itself and become safe for everyone entering and leaving ? As astonishing as it may sound at first, it is possible and we bring to you our multi-surface self-sanitizing nano-particle coating. It is a water borne thin film coating that keeps treated surface free from microbes like virus, bacteria or any other pathogens for upto 90 days. Making the elevator safe for the people to use.

  • Cars: Travelling to work in the COVID era is a matter of concern. Those of us who are privileged enough to be travelling in our personal vehicles must be responsible and take extra precautionary measures by getting our cars sanitised as well. Delhi's Guardians is here to assist you here and we ensure you have a safe ride without burning a hole in your pocket. 

  • Door handles, switch boards and office furniture: Why limit the use of this suraksha kawach coating to just elevators. It could be used to keep other unmanned high touch surface point safe from the virus. From door knobs to switches, everything which poses a risk of transmission can now be safe to touch, maybe even the coffee vending machine? 

At Delhi's Guardians we vow to be the the most effective, reliable and affordable office sanitisation service in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida and the rest of NCR. We aim to make your houses, cars and office places absolutely safe from the virus. We do all we can to keep you, your families, your employees and co-workers safe from the mayhem this virus has created in our lives.

We thus encourage all of you to join us in this fight against the virus and make Delhi a safe space for us all.

Link: Delhi's Guardians makes Boond Solar a safe place to work.

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