Sanitization machines

Sanitization machines are those pieces of equipments or instruments used specifically for sanitization or disinfection of surfaces. These include, but are not limited to :

Handheld machines

Misting machines: These machines produce particles that are so small that the spray looks like a mist. The particles can be as small as some micrometers (10^-6 m) in diameter. The sanitizing agent is a mix of water and a chemical. 

These machines can sanitize surfaces directly ahead of the nozzle and are used to focus on particular areas. The particles being so small, get dried up quickly, and do not leave any stains.

Fogging machines: These machines generate even smaller sized particles and create a 'fog' of sanitizing agent/chemical. These can be used to reach spaces that are difficult for other machines as it fills the room/area with a dense fog. 


We at Delhi's Guardians now use the above machines for our 2 stage process of misting & fumigation to create a secure environment for your family and your employees.

Spray Tank and Nozzle: These so called machines are divided in 2 components. One is a tank that is carried on the back. The second component sprays the solution in the tank through a handheld nozzle. The sprayed particles are big in size, make the surfaces wet and hence take time to dry. This can cause stains on said surfaces.

Machines used by the Delhi Govt

Japanese machines: These machines were used in sanitization drive in Delhi and can sanitize an area os 20,000 sq.m in an hour. These are high-velocity spraying machines that use atomizers to disinfect the area. These were earlier used by farmers to disinfect farmlands.  

Other machines: Machines that are modified versions of tanks and nozzle operations are used to sanitise major areas like markets, roads, intersections etc. These have been used by various countries including India for sanitization drives. 


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