What is sanitization?

The meaning of sanitization is to eliminate anything objectionable or harmful in general. It can mean removing unwanted things from the internet as well as from any physical surface.


Surface sanitization denotes cleaning certain areas or surfaces to make it free from microbes and viruses that are harmful to the human body and can cause different kinds of diseases.

Surface sanitization is done using chemicals in measured quantities so that they are safe to the human body as well as using heat directly at times.

Do I need sanitization?

Sanitizing your home or office ensures the safety of your loved ones. If any single member of your family has contracted the virus or has to leave for work, experts recommend regular sanitization and deep cleaning (optional) . It is a sure-shot way of making sure your family is protected and provides you with peace of mind.

Is sanitization important?

Sanitization has never been more important. Given the current COVID pandemic, it is essential to maintain hygiene. However, often cleaning is confused with sanitization. 


Sanitizing reduces the growth of viruses, fungi, and types of harmful bacteria.


One of the most effective ways to avoid getting contracted by COVID-19 is to stay home. But as discussed above,  important tasks like grocery shopping, or some urgent official work forces us to leave home. These are the instances where you might end up bringing the virus to home, it can come with you or the thing you bought from the market.


To get rid of the virus, it is essential that sanitization should be done in addition to wearing protective masks and maintaining social distancing.

How is sanitization done?

  • One way of sanitization is wiping surfaces that are frequently touched, including doorknobs, sink and toilet handles, tables, computers, TVs, desks, and other objects with a sanitizing chemical.

  • Another way is to spray or mist fine particles on surfaces from a distance with the chemical. 

  • Lastly, a fumigation setup can help you reach nooks and corners, while maintaining distance from surfaces at all times.

We at Delhi's Guardians use best in class chemicals that are registered by the FDA, the GLP, and WHO-GMP. We recommend a 2 stage sanitization process which includes:

  • misting for high contact areas

  • deep fumigation so that corners are not left out

The process is carried out by highly trained professionals who are temperature checked daily, have Aarogya Setu app installed and use full-body PPE kits (which are disposed of properly)

We personalize the process according to your requirement, be it your home, office or any other location. We prioritize the safety of your loved ones and are on a mission to make the best possible sanitization service accessible and affordable to everyone.


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